Why You Need Terrarium in Your Life

Whether it is a hobby or a décor, you should consider terrarium plants singapore. Terrarium refers to a glass container containing soil and plants. Simply put, terrariums are tiny greenhouses.

A terrarium is becoming popular because not all Singaporeans have the space to keep plants in their apartment. Just because you do not have green thumbs does not mean that you cannot see the benefits of living with plants. Here’s why you need terrarium in your life now:

Terrarium plants reduce anxiety and stressterrarium plants singapore
You should know that plants help reduce stress and anxiety thereby promoting a feeling of well-being. Being close to greenery will surely make you feel more at ease with your surroundings.

Terrarium plants improve air quality
Without a doubt, plants improve the quality of indoor air quality. Plants can help reduce carbon dioxide levels and certain pollutants. It can also reduce airborne dust levels. Moreover, it can increase humidity.

Terrarium plants encourage creativity
The good news is that you can make terrarium on your own. With this, you are free to add pebbles of many colors and different accessories. On top of it all, you can grow all different kinds of plants.

The plants that you can use will depend if you have an open or closed terrarium. If you consider an open terrarium, you can consider succulent plants, cacti and even some herbs like mint and thyme. If you consider closed terrarium, you can consider African violets and ferns.

Terrarium plants are low maintenance
Building a terrarium is low maintenance when compared to having a flower. You only need to check the soil or leaves before you water it. In terms of building one, you can simply consider potting soil, activated charcoal, plant, and decorative elements.

You can reap the benefits if you know how to care for it. It is important that you know how to care for your terrarium.

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