Some romantic movies for men (sensitive or not).

Dear movie lover, you yearn to find a romantic film that the chosen one of your heart will love as much as you or more. He does not like ” girls movies ” as he calls them and pouting every time you approach the way of the cross. No problem, here are some movies he should enjoy. You, by cons, maybe less but hey, you have to know what you want. Visit this link for movies online free.

High fidelity- the movie

For what type of men?

For those who have no particular ambitions in life (like me) and who love their little comfort, without putting themselves in danger.

Why this movie?

Because Rob is a thirty-year-old who only lives for his record store, without really looking for anything else. To the ambitions of his youth, he preferred the relative comfort of his present life. It annoys his girlfriend who drops him, after which he undertakes to find his ex-girlfriends to see what is bad at home. The film takes advantage of the friendly presence of John Cusack and Jack Black, a soundtrack that kills and a statement that can find some resonance in some men. The morality of the end is well brought and under its garb of film dudes, it is a romantic film 100%.

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Vanilla sky-the movie

For what type of men?

For men who are sure of themselves, for whom love is not a priority.

Why this movie?

Because he is talking about a man who has succeeded. Beautiful apartment, great job, full of money, a beautiful lover, in short, the ideal male (in addition, he has the face of Tom Cruise). Except that the mistakes of his past life cost him the girl that really pleases him. The film itself has the paw of Cameron Crowe: licked images, an original band with little onions plus a slightly crazy montage, moments not at all Looove but a dazzling finale that will make him think a little while.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

For what type of men?

For shy and disillusioned men, for whom the grains of sand are only small pebbles (it limits the possibilities, certainly).

Why this movie?

Because Michel Gondry has managed to capture the essence of a love story with its good and bad sides, its insignificant and important moments. Because when Joel realizes that erasing all her memories of Clémentine is the biggest bullshit of her life, it’s hard to be more romantic than her desire to keep some snatches of feelings for her. On the other hand, it will be necessary to support a rather disturbing editing but the game is well worth the candle.

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