Easy Ways to Care for Your Jewelry


If you plan to give your jewelry pieces to grandchildren in the future, you have to know basic care tips. But before that, you need to make sure that what you have is authentic. Making sure that it is authentic is not really a hard job. To be sure, you should buy from trusted sellers like palm springs jewelry. If you already have an heirloom, it is important that you keep it,because it is a symbol of your family. You need to appraise its value with the help of professional or experts.

Going back to care tips for your jewelry, it is important that you are consistent and patient. Remember that as time goes by, pieces of precious jewelry will be more valuableand you have to be keen on caring for it.

Here are some tips that you can consider to easily care for your jewelry:

Do not expose them to direct sunlight:

There are particular gemstones that can get damaged if it is too much exposed to light. The rays can have an effect on the durability and color of the gemstone. For example, amethyst and can fade if it is exposed to direct sunlight over time. Pearls and ivory can also bleach if it is too much exposed to light. In the case of amber, the color will darken if it is too much exposed to light.

Do not expose them to sudden temperature changes:

Aside from light, sudden changes in temperature can also damage the gemstones. For example, if pearls are exposed to sudden temperature changes, it will dry out, crack and even discolor. In the case of opals, it can turn brown and form tiny cracks and eventually lose their playful colors.

Do not expose them to chemicals:

Just like temperature and light, exposure to chemicals can destroy the beauty of jewelry. It can discolor metals like platinum, silver, and gold. You have to know that substances you use every day like perfume, lotion, and other cosmetics can harm the surface of the metals or the gems. The best thing to do is remove it whenever you are cleaning because cleaning chemicals contain ammonia that can damage jewelry. Also, remove it when you are swimming because chlorinated bleach can harm especially gold alloys.

Clean your jewelry with warm water:

The good news is that most colored gems can be cleaned using warm water, dish soap, and a used toothbrush. If you have lint-free cloth, you can use it after washing. After washing, be sure to rinse thoroughly. For soft gems like pearls, it will quickly scratch.

Secure proper storage of jewelry pieces:

Storage is important but often ignored. You have to know that jewelry doesn’t deserve a drawer or top of the dresser, because it is prone to scratches and other damages. There is a reason why jewelry comes with a pouch or box when you buy it. It should be kept that way. If you do not want individual pouches or boxes, you should look for a big box featuring individual padded spaces for rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Your jewelry pieces will look elegant and organized with the right jewelry box.

Try ultrasonic cleaners:

Sometimes it is not enough for you to clean your jewelry with warm water and dish soap. That is understandable. There is a professional jewelry-cleaning item that you can purchase but you have to be cautious when considering this. Read the instructions first, especially the warnings, because it might cause more harm than good. Some warnings include, not using ultrasonic cleaners for pearls, ivory, amber and coral gemstones.

Now that you know the tips, maintaining its beauty is easier. The best thing to do is to seek professional help whenever you are dealing with chemicals or machines for cleaning your jewelry pieces. Remember that jewelry pieces are valuable, which is why you have to handle it with care. Ask experts for other possible care tips that you can perform at home.

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