How well you know your rifle?

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Important things to know about your rifle

People buy rifles, but they do not know how to use it. This article will help you know your gadget better.


-Know your rifle. Each rifle has its special things, knows yours.

-Start shooting from short range and move gradually backwards while better.

-Keep a record of your shots so you can see how they improve.

– If it helps to close an eye while aiming, do it. Sometimes it is a good idea to shoot with both eyes open, since it lets you aim with the cannon with one eye, while you see the objective with the other. This helps especially with moving targets.

-Learn how much you must squeeze the trigger to shoot and press it to the limit before firing. When you’re aiming, squeeze just enough to not fire, so you only must make a small movement to activate the trigger. The smaller the movement, the smaller the movement of the sight.

-Be patient! You will not become the best shooter with some strips; It takes years of practice. You will probably reach a point where you are stuck, and not better at all. This means that you have mastered your technique and reached the limit of your ability. From now on, the only thing you can do is keep practicing, and your ability will increase. It takes time but keep practicing!

-Keep in mind that the competition shot is a mental game. It takes a lot of dedication and a strong desire to shoot the target. You must “make” the bullet / post in the center.


-RULE 1 OF THE RIFLES: The weapon is ALWAYS charged, even when you know it is not. NEVER point a rifle at a person or animal. This applies even when you know it is not loaded.
-Verify beyond your goal, because that’s what you’ll give when you fail.

-Make sure you are far enough away to avoid “ricochets”. (and / or shoot at a wall with protection or a net to stop the ammunition)

– Let people know that you will be firing, so they do not get into your range.

When you reload a post air rifle and the barrel is pointing down, DO NOT pull the trigger, the barrel will fly up and possibly hurt your hands, “people have lost their eyes and fingers” because they did this procedure and were not careful. Visit to get complete air rifle reviews.

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