With rise in business competitions, many business groups and owners are looking for different means to showcase their business and to promote their sales. They have used the internet, social media, social networks such as Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, and many others to advertise their business activities and goods to customers. This and more they do to stay afloat. Telegram social network which can be used to create groups or channel; andwhich accommodates thousands of members is mostly used for business another projects promotion. There is usually one major challenge experienced in telegram and other social networks which is convincing other users to join your business group or channel and making them to engage the business activities going on in the group.

Buy telegram followers

Many business owners because of this are taking a pause from advertising their project on social media. With the advent of many organizations like ICO Marketing Agency, business owners and groups can now buy telegram members. Buying members from such agency solves the problem of small group or channel members, it also solve the problem of lack of engagement in the group. When you buy telegram members from this agency, you also get many eye-catching and befitting advantagesthat is rare and can’t be compared with that of other agencies. Thebitcoin, dash, etherenum and others are payment options you can use to buy telegram members from us.


We offer the following advantages apart from the 100% real and targeted members when you buy telegram members from us,

  • The members stay in the group for a lifetime
  • Safe and gradual inviting
  • Adding members will bring the expected engagement
  • Provision of fanatical 24/7 support
  • Added members will help to grow your business
  • There is provision of personal approach and free consulting
  • Reporting and order guarantee.
  • Fake members last for 1-2 months


When you buy telegram members from us, we commence audience consultation to know the members that suit your group or channel best. Work plan is designed to meet your requirements and a report that indicates the members added to your group is sent to you.

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