There are many exceptional cities in Japan to visit but Sakata city with its enticing history and other attracting features has made a one place you need to go to as a citizen of Japan or as a visitor. This city is located in the midst of two known rivers in Japan, known as the Sea of Japan and the longest river in single prefecture called the Mogami river. Otherinteresting facts about Sakata city is there ranking as the third most populous city in Japan; largest producers of rice, largest producers of sake in Japan as well as the highest consumers of Raman noodles. Sakatacity has been used to shoot different movies such as “Departures” which won an Oscar award. There are many establishments in the city which came to be as a result of the rivers.

sakata city

Common Establishments in Sakata City

Some of the notable establishments you will see on your visit to the city are:

Seafood restaurants: This restaurant is where all kinds of sea foods are sold to people for consumption. People visit these restaurants to eat the fishes caught from Sea of Japan and Mogami river.

Sea Market: Unlike the Sea food restaurants, this establishment is where Sea products are sold for the customers to purchase and prepare at their various homes.

Fishing Industry: This is another establishment common in Sakata city.

Trade in Sakata city

Theriverainlocationof the city makes trading between Sakata city and Kansai region easy. This trade is done through Kitamebuneship. Sakata city also have trade transportation with Honshu, Kyoto, Kyushu, and Osaka.

The population of Sakata City

In the year 2015,  Sakata city hadan estimated population of 105000 in which Edo had the highest number of people when compared to others. The famous Tokyo of today was known as Edo then.

The Economy of Sakata City

Sakatacity built their net worth from different sources beside fishing such as: Agriculture, light manufacturing, Seiko Epson company, which produces different electronics and the Kao chemical and cosmetics company.

Transportation means to Sakata city

Plane: The closest airport is the Shonai Airport. From the airport, shuttle buses takes 30 minutes to reach Sakata.

Train: Through the JR Uetsu Line which traveles along the Sea of Japan. Ittakes about 5 hours to get to Sakata city from Tokyo. Also, a direct train from Shinjo takes 1hour to get to sakata city.

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