Bit coin is not a currency, these are the reasons

We are in a global monetary system dominated by fiat money, currencies that are not backed by gold or any other asset but by public trust. Its value is by fiat decree only, the issuer simply decrees that the currency has value.

This means that the government and the central bank of that country can massively increase the money supply, printing money without major worries. This is the process that we are seeing in many central banks with the development of quantitative easing programs, granting the issuer the power to do as he pleases without any real monetary discipline.

Is Bit coin a deposit of value?

A currency must provide bitcoin casino  the ability to preserve the value of the income that we obtain in the market so that it can be saved or it can be consumed through the acquisition of goods and services. Consequently, a currency must give us a high degree of security to depositing the value of our income.

Therefore, a currency, in a world trade environment, must offer a degree of volatility that is low or as low as possible; otherwise, it hinders the transactions of goods and services and is discriminated against by other currencies that offer a degree of volatility.  Greater certainty.

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This is what is happening in Venezuela, given that the Bolivar Fuertes has a high degree of volatility and a continuous devaluation is taking place dollarization of the country. Venezuelans see a lack of value in their currency and, therefore, stop doing their job.

To analyze the risk of a financial asset, we must observe the daily volatility. Volatility is a statistical measure that examines the dispersion of the returns of value and can be measured by calculating the standard deviation or by the variance (square of the standard deviation).

The first thing that we can deduce at a simple glance is that the range of the daily returns of Bitcoin has nothing to do with those of the Euro since they are much more accentuated during the period analyzed

During this period, the maximum daily return reached by Bit coin was 21.84% (December 7, 2017) while the highest daily loss was 16.32% (December 16, 2018).

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