Investigations that revolutionized our health

But the content of these publications has had more impact on your health than the lifestyle magazines that you will surely find in the waiting rooms. It is in academic journals that scientists publish their findings and make them available to other experts in the field for review.

That’s where the explanations to the illnesses appear, the medicines that save lives or the best surgical procedures.


In this opportunity my interest that allow me to share with you some thoughts about the role of medical scientific research in our professional actions and, especially, in our role as educators. Certainly the ideas outlined here are neither original, nor do they pretend to be dogma, but reflect, hopefully, some concerns about the reasons that motivate us to investigate and those that we should have.

A scientific investigation is characterized by an original study:

Bashir dawood   a leader of Research tem  should be carried out to provide knowledge to improve quality, life time and, specifically in our profession, to prevent disease or improve treatment methods. Clinicians must do so driven essentially by the genuine desire to find an answer to the many questions and doubts that arise in daily practice, when we are faced with treatments that generate dissatisfaction or concern, or when we observe clinical events that are not entirely explainable That is, when we have been able to construct a question that has not been previously formulated or that has been answered in insufficient terms. Research aimed at producing reliable valid information must use precise instruments that support it and make it quantifiable and reproducible. These elements are the essence of the scientific method, they allow to exclude or, at least, to control the prejudices, intuitions and personal tendencies that can disfigure the results, as in fact it happens in the artistic component of the profession.

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