How to take care of Lawn like a boss?

The lawn is a decorative element that will make your garden a much more cheerful and colorful, however, a lawn that does not receive the proper care can end up spoiling the image of our garden. In this article, you will discover how to take care of the lawn that will help you to have it perfect and reduce the need for pesticides. Click here for lawn care services near me in st johns county fl.

How to plant the lawn?

The first thing you should decide when planting a new lawn with seeds is what type of lawn you will plant based on the use that you are going to give and the climatic and environmental conditions of your area. There are different varieties of grass and some adapt perfectly to more humid conditions and others to drier conditions, others are more tolerant of being stepped on often and others are more delicate in that aspect. You can mix the seeds of different types of grass to get more resistant and showy plantations. In your gardening shop, you can advise on which is the best lawn and which will be easier to care according to your specific needs. Visit this site for lawn care services near me in st johns county fl.

How to water the lawn?

Most lawns need regular rainfall to ensure good moisture in the soil in which they grow. The specific conditions of irrigation will vary greatly depending on the area you are in, in this way, a very humid area will require less frequency of irrigation than a very dry one. You also have to take into account the time of year in which we are, because in the hottest season you will need more water than in the coldest time.

lawn care services near me in st johns county flHow to mow the lawn?

One of the keys to taking care of the lawn so that it looks green and beautiful is to cut it regularly. Mowing the lawn is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks when taking care of the garden, however, the reward of having a well-tended lawn is great. In the summer months, healthy grass grows vigorously and it will be necessary to cut at least once a week, always being careful not to cut too much.

Cut the grass regularly

Cut the grass frequently and whenever you see it starts to be very high. Cutting the lawn encourages thicker growth, development of fine grasses and prevents the appearance of more weeds by preventing flowering. The table below is a good indication of the schedule of the grass cut you should adhere to the normal season conditions.

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